10.26.20 – COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Information

Dear Colleague,

As the availability of COVID-19 vaccine draws nearer, MDH would like to remind you of the required steps to becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider. COVID-19 vaccine will be ordered and distributed utilizing ImmuNet, Maryland’s Immunization Information System. If your practice is interested in potentially providing COVID-19 vaccine, it is essential that your practice be connected/onboarded with ImmuNet prior to vaccine availability. MDH is proactively connecting/onboarding provider sites now to remove delays in distributing COVID-19 vaccine once available.

In order for your practice to be ready to receive COVID-19 vaccine, your practice must 1) be onboarded with ImmuNet and reporting routine vaccinations administered and 2) register with the MDH Center for Immunization through ImmuNet to order and receive COVID-19 vaccine.

1) The ImmuNet website provides guidance on the onboarding process. Reporting administered COVID-19 vaccination data will be required, along with other vaccination data per Maryland Statute H.G. §18–109. 

An important data element for COVID vaccination will be the CDC requirement to report race and ethnicity. Please work with your EHR/EMR vendor and vaccinating staff to ensure these data elements are being collected and reported to ImmuNet.

2) Currently the COVID vaccine registration process is not open in ImmuNet. We anticipate that the provider vaccine registration process will begin November 2020. Additional notifications will be sent once registration is open. 

Thank you for your interest in becoming a COVID-19 vaccine provider and we look forward to working with you to vaccinate Marylanders. If you have any questions, please email mdh.izinfo@maryland.gov.  

MDH Center for Immunization