1.6.20 – New Bloodstream Staph Infection Case for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers can protect patients from deadly staph infections

In collaboration with Medscape, CDC recently released a new interactive case designed to help healthcare providers protect patients from deadly staph infections. The scenario featured in the case begins following a patient’s death from a bloodstream staph infection and a healthcare provider’s realization that their facility’s staph infection rate is higher than the national rate.

In March, CDC’s Vital Signs reported that more than 119,000 people suffered from bloodstream Staphylococcus aureus (staph) infections in the United States in 2017—and nearly 20,000 died.

CDC called on healthcare facilities, providers, and administrators to protect patients from these deadly infections and released a new framework of strategies to reduce device- and procedure-related infections. CDC also recommended that all healthcare facilities assess their staph infection data on an ongoing basis and implement prevention actions where needed. 

By reviewing this case, healthcare providers can challenge themselves to see if they would know how to respond to protect patients in their facility from serious staph infections that can lead to sepsis or death.

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